Frequently asked questions

How much are your electric scooters?

Great question, we get it all of time time….. We purposely provide a number of different personal electric vehicles based on the specific needs of our customers. Have you taken the time to familiarize yourself with our popular line? If not, you really should, so that you’ll better understand the various electric scooters that we provide and why they are priced differently. Our prices range from $600 to $4200 and again, are based on the model and needs of our clients. We have wonderful ways to invest in our electric vehicles and if you qualify,a popular NO down payment, NO interest and NO payment due for 6 months program. May we contact you to further discuss your specific needs? Providing so, what is the best contact number we should use? And btw, your information is secure and NEVER sold or shared with any 3rd party! Contact us here.

Do you have any current specials or promotions?

YES! Right now and for a limited time, we have an exciting Buy One, Get One Free program. If you provide us with your contact info, we would love to share with you more about why this program is so popular…. Contact us here.

Friends of ours bought a couple of your electric scooters from you last year and they LOVE them and literally take them everywhere! Can we get any type of discount from you?

Actually, our factory-direct prices are the lowest in the Nation! However, when you do order from us, please provide the names of your friends, as they will qualify for a referral fee that we gladly pay for all referrals. When you become our customer, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our popular T4U Referral Program!

Do you have any financing programs?

Yes, providing that you qualify, we have a popular program, where not only will you receive the lowest factory direct pricing, but there is $0 down, 0% interest and no payments required for up to 6 months! To learn more, simply let us know by contacting us here.

How can I see if I qualify for your financing program or not?

Simply click on this link and provide the little info required so that we may contact you and personally discuss your needs and see which of our electric vehicles best meets your needs; and which finance program you might qualify for......

How long does it take to re-charge the batteries?

Depending on how low they have been discharged, to fully re-charge will take just 4 to 6 hours. And don’t worry about having to disconnect the charger at the moment they are fully charged…. as soon as the batteries are charged, our chargers automatically go into a ‘trickle-charge’ mode once it senses the battery has been charged back up to 100%.

What is the service life of your battery’s?

Under normal use and care, your battery will last from 3 to 5 years and of course, when you need a replacement, they easily swap out with the same, discounted battery that you’re able to get from us in the future.

Do you provide deeper levels of pricing if we were to place a larger order with you, and if so, how many would we need to purchase from you at once?

Like the way you are thinking and YES, for orders of 4 or more at one time, shipping to the same location, we provide even deeper levels of pricing, than our already lowest, factory-direct pricing! Please provide your name and contact phone number, so that we can further discuss your ordering goals and resultant pricing that you would receive. Contact us here.

How long after placing our order with you, will we receive it?

Under normal circumstances and unless delayed by weather or other circumstances, you can expect delivery of your new electric vehicle(s) from us in 5 to 7 days, anywhere in the US.

Can you explain your ADA compliancy?

Sure, it means that unlike most other electric scooters on the market, our scooters are built to ADA compliancy guidelines. Meaning, that you are able to take them into ANY store (think Costco, Walmart, Target, CVS, Home Depot, etc), ANY US or State Park, and really anywhere ADA vehicles are allowed. The reality is, that now-a-days, there really is not too many places that are not within ADA compliancy rules when it comes to where you can take your electric scooter from us…..

What is the range of your electric scooter?

Depending on the type of terrain, are we going uphill, downhill, wind blowing in your direction or against you, etc, in general, our personal electric vehicles can travel a distance range of 15 to 25 miles (or more) on a single charge (depending on which model you choose, and the battery it's fitted with).

Do you only have sit-down electric scooters?

NO, part of our popular offerings includes the first in the US line of stand-up or sit-down electric scooters! They are easy, enjoyable and practical to ride either way and provide you with great flexibility.

Can your electric scooters pull a wagon and if so, how much more weight will they carry?

Yes, some of our electric scooters are designed to easily and effortlessly pull wagons (we’ll be glad to direct you to the best ones to use) and can carry an additional 150 pounds, in addition to the rider’s weight.

Besides my electric scooter from you, what else comes with my order?

You will receive your complete, almost fully assembled scooter including battery, state-of-the-art charger, owner’s manual and a tool kit, which includes every tool that was used to assemble your scooter!

Do you have a cell-phone holder/charger that is included with my purchase?

Absolutely and we are the only ones who go the extra effort to ensure that in addition to other items that nobody else provides you, that you’ll also enjoy both a cell-phone holder and charger, hard-wired into your scooter from us!

What else comes standard on your electric scooters?

Well, that a very long list and unlike what any other scooter company will be able to provide you… an example, some of our upper-line electric scooters include front and back lights as well as undercarriage lighting) electric horn, forward and reverse, front basket, front-wheel pegs (that are wonderful for easing any strain on your knees and hips), key’s for your ignition system and many more creature and safety features.

What maintenance is required on your scooters?

Purposely so and one of the chief reasons we have narrowed our line of personal electric vehicles the way we have, is because they all come with little to NO maintenance requirements…..Other than, ensuring the pneumatic tires are inflated to factory spec’s and the battery is periodically charged, that’s it!

Do you service or work on other brands of electric scooters?

No, we do not…as we do not want to become responsible for the lessor, cheaply-made electric scooters on the market. We receive at least 20 or so calls weekly from people that let a cheap, inexpensive electric scooter get the best of them, and they were desperately seeing if we could help them out with the numerous challenges that they are now facing. Unfortunately, most people don’t ‘initially’ realize that the cheap price they may have paid is going to come back and haunt them; in terms of a scooter that is not reliable AND, the company they purchased it from, does not service them, even after the sale…..Which maybe is exactly why you asked the question in the first place…..? Hopefully not!

Why do you feel your line of electric scooters are better than everything else available?

Great question! Chiefly because, our scooter’s do not scrimp on technology and reliability. Yes they might be a bit more of an investment than some others on the market, but when you factor in, that they last longer in terms of battery charge life and service life as opposed to everything else out there, they really have proven to be a solid investment. Since many improvements we incorporate come from our customers out riding every day, you might say that our personal electric vehicles are designed by riders, for riders……

Do your electric scooters come complete or partially assembled?

All of our scooters come partially assembled, with an easy, online video and all tools necessary to complete the final assembly on your end. Allow 30 to 45 mins to complete the assembly and of course, we are always available for any questions.

I’m not that experienced or able to assemble anything!

No problem, as we’re sure you have a friend or relative or local teenager, who would love to make a quick $25 to assemble your new electric scooter from us……

What are your parts made of?

As you would expect and so as to ensure long-term reliability and use, we only use the finest and best materials available! The main materials we use on our frames are 7003 T5 Aluminium, 6061 T6 Aluminium and 4130 Cro-mo.

Do you have a referral program?

YES we do, a very popular one at that! Once you become a customer of ours, you will get all of the details of our lucrative referral program and be excited to see how easy it is to earn some serious $$$$$ each and every month; for doing very little!

How often do you come out with new products or additions?

We are always going to stay at the top of the personal electric scooter game. Our team of designers and current customers are always working together on something new as well as improvements to the current line. It’s a long and laborious process, but once something has been run through research, development and testing and it passes our muster, we will post a release date and make it available to the public.

Do you sell used, reconditioned scooters?

No, in order to provide the very best, long-life personal electric vehicles on the market today, all of our scooters are brand-new and come with a full year’s warranty.

Can I take your fold up mobility electric scooter on a plane?

The first thing you should know is that the airline is required to check- in free of charge your electric mobility scooter. ... If you bring our electric mobility scooter, you can use it before checking in. If and when needed, the airport will provide a wheelchair to take you to your departing plane.

Can I take take your electric mobility scooter abroad?

Government guidelines state that anyone with a disability can travel with up to two items of mobility equipment free of charge, if you are travelling to a European airport. However, you will not be able to take your scooter into the passenger area and instead – it will be stored in the hold area until your arrival.

Can I take your electric mobility scooter on a cruise?

Anyone can bring or use a mobility scooter (or wheelchair, walker or other mobility devices) on a cruise ship if it will help you to more comfortably enjoy the cruise.

Do I need insurance to use and benefit from your electric scooters?

You do not need insurance for our electric mobility scooter’s, although it's recommended.

Can I drive your Electric Scooters in the rain?

Of course! Since all of our electric scooters are top of the line and the very best manufactured vehicles of their kind, ALL of the electrical components are sealed or are made to prevent moisture from entering your electric vehicle from us. However, since it is an electrical device, we do ask that you refrain from repeatedly operating your electric vehicle in heavy rain or through deep puddles. They were never intended to be driven in severe weather conditions, but because they are robust and so well made, you’re able to maneuver through and beyond these types of conditions. We also recommend that once you have completed your outdoor excursion, that you dry off your scooter to remove any chemical residue, etc as a result of being exposed to various water related, weather elements and/or/conditions.

Do you process and ship International Orders?

For all international orders, and proper processing, please contact us at so we can assist you. Orders are usually shipped the next business day from the US.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the fastest processing and shipment of your purchases with us, we accept all forms of credit cards. Additionally, and as long as you qualify, we also have a popular NO down, NO interest, NO payment for up to 6 months Program! Please call us at 661-262-3262 to help answer any other questions that you might have in this area and to help get your important order processed correctly.

Do your scooters fold down?

ABSOLUTELY, and quite quickly, without the need for any tools! It's one of the most desired benefits of our electric scooters. Providing you the ability to easily transport your scooter from us in your vehicle, so that it is always with you and can be pressed into quick use and enjoyment.

How do your scooters fold down?

We have designed quick and easy release points, that allow your electric scooter from us to fold down to a nice compact size and then, just as easily, be brought back up to their operational stance.

Are these like Segways?

A very common question that we receive often! Our popular personal electric scooters (PEV's) are much easier to ride, operate and cover more miles on a single charge vs a Segway; and, are MUCH lighter/easier to transport and handle. The Segway is ‘only’ a stand-up vehicle, and it weighs considerably more. We provide comfortable seat configurations for the Raptor, Condor and Excalibur, which provide seating options that offer a unique alternative to standing. Even better, our PEV's cost less than what a Segway costs, without the maintenance needs and requirements.

Where do I get parts from for your electric scooters?

One of the well-received benefits of our electric scooters, is that replacement parts are rarely needed, but when something is needed, you simply contact us, at Trikke4U; where we have any part(s) that you might need in stock….Meaning, you don’t have to worry about parts, we've got you covered!

What if I need a replacement battery at some point, where do I get them?

Simply contact us for great support and low replacement battery costs. This also ensures that you will receive the perfectly 'matched' battery for your personal electric vehicle from us. Just ask anyone that purchased an incorrect battery from someone else, and how hard it was to return and ship back that battery……

Do I need to get a license to operate your electric vehicles?

NO, all of our electric vehicles are treated like a personal mobility vehicle, which do not require any licensing. Additionally, the Raptor, Condor and Excalibur are all ADA-compliant, meaning that they can be taken and ridden in any commercial establishment (think Costco, WalMart, Home Depot, CVS, Target, Banks, etc,), as well as any State/Federal Park, Beach’s, Bike Paths, Trails and so on. Note: Regarding street-use, as local laws can vary, if you plan to use your personal electric vehicle from us on the street, you may want to consult your local authorities.

What kind of battery do your electric scooters use?

Depending on the model, we use four (4) 12 volt dry cell batteries or, a 36 volt lithium-ion or a 48 volt lithium-ion battery.

How do I recharge your electric scooter?

We only use and provide free-standing, state-of-the-art rapid re-chargers which are included (and not sold separately) for each of our Personal Electric Scooters (PEV’s). They simply connect to a 110 receptacle and then into the charge-port on the PEV. A fully depleted battery will charge for about 4-8 hours to regain a full charge and uses about 30 cents worth of electricity. Important to point out, the Raptor, Condor and Excalibur all last for multiple days on a single-charge, and NOT just hours; so keep that in mind when choosing the best electric vehicle to meet your needs!

What does your warranty cover?

As the industry leader, we provide a full 1-Year warranty on all units owned by the original purchaser (excluding tire wear and brake pads). And just like any other vehicle battery, after a 90 day warranty, we provide a pro-rated battery replacement for the first year, as long as recommended re-charging procedures were followed and adhered to by the purchaser.

If service is ever needed, who can do service on your electric vehicles?

Other than keeping proper air pressure in the tires and maintaining a charged battery, service and maintenance have been simplified so that we can assist you, or a friend or family member to complete any basic maintenance needs that might come up.

If necessary, we may also be able to assist you to find a professional technician in your area, should you be unable to perform the basic mechanics required.