If you did not get a chance to do so prior, it would be time well-spent to check out just some of the thousands of positive comments that we’ve received from our great and appreciative clients over the past 5 years.  This video montage of random testimonials provides a good cross-section of the numerous individuals our 5 Star Scooters resonate with.

And should you be pressed for time, here’s a quick sampling of the hundreds and hundreds of written testimonials (all on file) that we’ve received and continue to receive on a daily basis from our very happy client’s in the US and Canada:

Robert and Bernice C, San Diego, CA

Had to let you know how happy Bernice and I are with our Condor and Raptor!  We are actually finding ourselves looking for every excuse to ride them, whether we are at home or traveling.  And throughout, we’ve been handing out your neat referral cards to all that stop and ask us what the heck are we riding on.  You can imagine our surprise when our first of now 7 monthly referral checks (so far) started arriving.  WOW!  Can you please send us some more referral cards, as we are about to run out.

Tom and Tina B, Austin, TX

Being a fairly active couple in our 50’s, we never thought that we would want, need and even better, benefit from what we’ve since found out to be, your well-built, solid electric scooters!  As you know, I really put you through the process, asking and verifying tons of info that I needed while I was vetting out whether or not we should even invest in the first place.  Very happy to report that it’s now been over 6 months of riding fun for us, and we’ve not experienced one single problem or issue with your very reliable scooters.  Nor can we believe how long the battery charge lasts (you were not kidding).  Thank you for providing such a worthwhile transportation alternative, that as you promised, leaves no carbon-footprint and are just a blast to be on and use!

Randall T, SLC, UT

As someone that travels 9 out of 12 months each year to various Vendor Meetings and Shows across the US, I cannot express enough my complete satisfaction after purchasing a Raptor and Wagon from you!  No longer is it a time-consuming, tiring chore, travelling between my vehicle and the front entrance of Shows/Functions, or covering what seems to be endless miles of of interior halls and vendor booths.  Easily towing your handy wagon, allows me to carry any and all items that I may need to give out or obtain from various vendors, while it never fails, many ask me where did I get such a cool machine from and if they cannot wait for one to be delivered to them, they offer to buy mine as well as my wagon (on the spot).  And some have been very attractive offers!  Kind of funny, as that’s exactly how I was first introduced to your great scooters…..but I found ‘no-takers’ to my offers to purchase their scooter and wagon that day…..

Larry N, Bozeman, MT

Checking in quickly, to let you know, that not only have you turned a major skeptic about your scooters around, but at last count, we’ve now purchased a total of 7 Raptor’s from you!  It appears that our grown kids have become quick fan’s of your scooters and, we’ve actually begun to use them in our company for easily getting around our huge warehouses.  One employee even suggested that we have a monthly contest for our employees, so that the employee with the most points at the end of the year, receives their-own Raptor for their personal use and enjoyment.  Although I wish I had thought of it, we are already developing the guidelines to implement for what I know will be a very motivational program for our 130+ employees.

Tommy G (Navy retired), Sun City, AZ

As a private pilot, cannot tell you how much we enjoy taking our light-weight Condor’s with us wherever we might fly off to!  Now getting to the great cafe’s that occupy most of the small airports that we like to fly into is a quick and easy breeze and no longer a long-distance and sometimes tiring chore getting from our guest parking spot, to those eateries.  No only that, they’ve made it super convenient to venture off and away from these airport destinations, so that we might explore the shops, etc in the towns that are nearby.  Your electric rides really are PERFECT for us pilots!

Roger and Siena T, Colorado Springs, CO

As avid RV’rs who travel at least 5 months per year in our home on the road, we must tell you that our recent purchase of two of your Raptors has really changed the dynamics of our RV trips and the way(s) we look forward to getting around, once camped!  We are ‘shocked’ as to how many people approach us while out riding.  They all want to know more about what we are on and enjoying, and of course, we then refer them over to you, while telling them they will not be disappointed.  We just received our first ‘referral’ check from you and were pretty excited to see ‘how much’ we earned for that first month of referrals.  No doubt, those checks coming in will go far to help pay for diesel costs and other on-the-road expenses that we incur. Additionally, THANK YOU for turning us on to the great, lightweight cargo carriers, that are perfect to transport your scooters, without loosing precious space otherwise in our coach and tow vehicle.

Helen N, Rochester, NY

Just returned from a week-long family vacation to many of the amusement parks in the Florida area and must tell you that your awesome scooters, with their ADA compliancy and certification, saved the day for my husband and myself!  We were literally able to do circles around our kids and grandkids, and while they were all pooped-out at the end of each day, for the first time that I can ever remember, Tony and I were not at all tired, seriously!  And as a result, guess what our kids are now asking for Christmas later on this year, and that we will no doubt be getting from you…..

Mark and Tina R, Mitchell, SD

Living on a ranch, complete with gravel, dirt roads in the past, demanded that we take vehicles and ATV/Quad Runners to get around the ranch.  Now, thanks to the two Raptors that we purchased from you, Tina and myself, as well as our kids are able to easily navigate throughout our property, while having fun and seemingly laughing all the way.  We many even need to purchase 2 more from you, as lately, we all seem to be fighting as to which Raptor one might be able to use and for how long.  Meanwhile, our other vehicles sit idle…..

Charles and Nancy R, Nashville, TN

We have two teenagers that are very much enjoying their scooters from you!  One is in High School and the other is a Freshman in College.  They both report that not only have their scooters made getting around the large campuses much easier, that they are also BMOC (Big Men on Campus), due to the ‘coolness factor’  whereby their schoolmates cheer them on, as they ride by!  By now, you should have also received an order from the Principle of our youngest son’s High School, where she wanted to purchase 3 Raptors from you. One for her daughter and one for both her husband and herself.  Our oldest reports that he is saving a ton of parking money and frustration when trying to find a parking space, by instead now, simply parking in one of the adjacent neighborhoods, and then, easily riding his Raptor onto the campus and to his various classes.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful invention.  My husband and I will no-doubt be getting our own in the future, so that we can keep up with our kids.

Pete and Kathy B, Newport Beach, CA

Your scooters have made it SO EASY to get from our vehicle to our moored boat at the local marina, and more importantly, with the great wagon that we also got from you, what used to take numerous trips back and forth, ferrying food and other items to the boat (and back to the car after our trips) is now easily done in one or two quick trips.  Leaving us more time to enjoy our weekends on the boat!  We are even taking our Raptor’s to Catalina, the next time we go over.  It will make it fun to get from the boat to island destinations while in port. Thank you for coming-up with such an ingenious and economical way to get around.


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