Trikke Freedom

Available in Red and Black, the lightweight Freedom is truly all about freedom! The powerful 200 watt motor is amazingly quiet and packs plenty of punch. The lithium battery is available in your choice of a 36V 8.8Ah or 36V 13.2Ah (with extended range of up to 22 miles).  Both batteries provide a quick-swap case for easy removal, charging access-ability and storage. Carving with the Trikke Freedom can be done with the twist of the throttle on electric power, or, with your own 'body-power' and provides a very responsive and great workout that is easy on your body.



– Patented 3-Wheel Cambering Frame Design
– Spring-Loaded, Quick-Click Frame Folding System
– Progressive, Sine-Wave Controller with Auto Shut-Down
– Direct Drive, Brushless Hubmotor
– Quick-Swap Lithium Ion Battery w/ Removable Key Ignition
– Custom Slick Tires and Dual Rear Brakes
– Super Ergonomic, Adjustable Mini Ape Handlebars
– Twist-and-Go Throttle with Battery Charge Indicator

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