Riding a Trikke or 5 Star Electric Scooter is like being on a magic carpet ride! They truly provide wonderful smooth electric journeys for young and old, and even better, for just pennies a-day to operate. Fully and easily collapsing in less than 10 seconds (without the need for tools), you will forever look for ways to take these rides with you in your Car, SUV or RV. And being 3-wheeled Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV’s), they provide the best in safety, while being a blast to ride! Additionally, both Trikke’s and 5 Star Scooters are rider-intuitive, natural, stable, rhythmic and get high-marks for providing the best in GREEN transportation! We have MANY of our clients that formally owned e-bikes and wished they had saved money and found us first…..

To provide you a better understanding and appreciation of what these PEV’s provide, below are some some great videos to view. We are looking forward to soon helping you move through life, in a much easier manner, and joining us for the ride of your life!

5 Star Electric Scooters

The worlds ‘first’ sit down or stand up scooter and loaded with important rider-desired features not found on more expensive electric wanna-be’s. Tens of thousands of owner’s all over the US, have made their Raptor or Condor a preferred way to get around and being ADA compliant, makes them even more valuable to those that have special needs! Please check the videos below which highlight some of the many ways that you too, will be able to enjoy your 5 Star Scooter investment.

5 Star Electric Scooter Testimonials

Trikke Electric Vehicles

Why use two wheels when you can use three? The ingenious, patented design of Trikke’s have created a ride that is a fun and engaging transportation solution. Balance-wise, the three wheels make it a very stable platform to glide on down the road. Operationally, you can propel your Trikke with your own side to side movements (which provides a great no-impact ‘core’ exercise), or simply twist the throttle on the handlebar, to glide and be propelled effortlessly.